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M. Jane Wray, MD, PhD
M. Jane Wray, MD, PhD
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Sex Education
Presently sex education in our schools is woefully inadequate especially in Texas.  It has two falty assumptions.  1.  That limited education will stop teen adolescents from having sex.  2.  Parents can teach their children about sex.  Both of these assumptions are untrue.  Many adolescents receive education too late and may be already having sex.  Parents may be reluctant to teach their children about sex thinking that that will encourage them to go out and begin. 

Adolescents can have sex with no education and often no guilt.  When pregnant teens are asked why they had unprotected sex, they say things like that they did not think it would happen if it was just one time.  This shows an alarming deficiency in how we teach our youth.

If female teens start birth control, many of them stop using condoms because they think wearing condoms are for birth control.  They need to know that condoms are also a protective barrier for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.  I ask each patient about their sexual preference and many today say bisexual which means they may have sex with either men or women.  Most of them have not heard about PREP which is 98% effective in preventing HIV in men who have sex with men.

Don't wait to talk to your children about sex.  The information may be life saving and also shows that your children will trust you if problems arise.   

Present Information on Dr. Wray's Practice

There have been some changes in the Practice Locations for Dr. Wray.  She now works on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 3 different locations.  She does general pediatrics, endocrinology, diabetes, and treatment of transgender patients.  All the clinics are in the Community Health Centers of South Central Texas.  Her locations and days are:

Luling Community Health Center on Mondays 9-5.  511 S. Laurel Ave, Luling, TX 78648   Phone 830 875 6399     Fax 830 875 6398
     Dr. Wray's MA:  Kenisha Moore;  Clinic Manager:  Priscilla Estrada

Family Health Center at Elgin   Tuesday 1-5 and Wednesday 9-5.  902 W. 2nd St., Elgin, TX 78621 Phone 512 229 3334  Fax 512 229 3336
    Dr. Wray's MA:  Joann Rocha:  Clinic Manager:  Jessica Lopez

Bastrop Community Health Center  Tuesday 9-12,  275 Jackson St. Bastrop, TX  78602   Phone 512 321 7137  Fax 512 321 7133
   Dr. Wray's MA:  Ruth Sauls;  Clinic Manager:  Gena Zamora

Services by Dr. Wray:
1.  General Pediatrics from birth to age 25
2.  Pediatric Endocrinology which includes hormone problems from birth to age 25
3.  Diabetes both Type 1 and Type 2 from birth to age 25
4.  Transgender hormone treatment including hormone therapy for transition and puberty blockers in pre-teen children

The clinics are integrated with behavior health through Bluebonnet Trails and dentistry.

You may email Dr. Wray at wrayj@chcsct.com if you have questions


~Healing and disease prevention through life style and  hormone balance~


We are always honored to serve you and your family and friends.  There is a full range of services at our clinic including family practice, pediatrics, women's services, counselling, behavioral health, and dental services. 

Dr. Jane Wray is Board Certified in Pediatrics as well as Board Certified in Endocrinology.  She is presently practicing general pediatrics plus pediatric endocrinology and diabetes 1 day a week.  She has had 30 years of active experience in the health needs of children adolescents and young adults.  She is also the Chief Medical Officer for the 5 clinics in the Community Health Centers of South Central Texas.

Dr. Wray is married with 2 adult children.  She loves raising chickens, star gazing, and reading many different type of books.  

Luling Community Health Center
115 South Laurel
Luling, TX 78648
Phone: 830-875-6399

Fax: 830-875-6398

Family Health Center at Elgin
902 W 2nd St.
Elgin, TX 78621
Phone: 512 229 3334
Fax: 512 229 3336
Providers at this location:
  • M. Jane Wray, MD, PhD

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Driving Directions

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General Practice Info

Dr. Wray commonly treats:  Any General Pediatric Illness or Does Referrals 

  • Adrenal Gland problems
  • Thyroid Gland problems
  • Calcium-related problems
  • Hypoglycemia of hormonal origin
  • Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes
  • High blood pressure of hormonal origin
  • Sex Hormones Production inadequacies
  • Pituitary Gland or Hypothalamus problems
  • Growth or Pubertal Development problems
  • Intersex problems of children and young adults
  • Hormone problems associated with syndromes such as Turner’s syndrome, Down’s syndrome, Noonan’s syndrome, or McCune Albright syndrome.

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Office Hours
Dr. Wray has clinic hours at Luling Community Health Center on Monday from 8-5.  Despite having 1 day, patients can be scheduled for an appointment within a week.  She is available 24 hours a day at 830-875-6399.

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Insurances Accepted
  • BCBS
  • United
  • Humana
  • Aetna
  • Great West
  • Superior (CHIP/Medicaid)
  • Medicaid (TMHP, Amerigroup, Everclear, PCCM)
  • PHCS insurances
  • Most other insurances, the clinic will not turn anyone away
  • Sliding scale available

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